19 bis, Avenue de l’industrie
B.P. 982 Bujumbura – Burundi

Tel.  : + 257 22 22 66 66 ou
          + 257 22 22 66 18

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Legal and administrative Services

Legal counsel, requirements and information

Ensure an appropriate legal and administrative support reinforced by legal documentation to date and our extensive network of relationships.


interhuman fr

Human Resources

Training, recruitment and management

Improve the quality of your human resources through on-the-job training. Recruit the best resources available and ensure a compliant management.

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Event Logistics

Conferences, seminars and events

Rely on us to better organize the logistics of your seminars, conferences and other events.



Real Estate

Rental, purchase, sale and management

Your partner for sales, purchase and leasing transactions as well as real estate management. The leader of real estate in Burundi for more than 30 years.

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