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INTERCONTACT SERVICES is a service company founded in 1982 from the idea of setting up a flexible and credible structure that could become over time a "ONE STOP BUSINESS SHOP" for businessmen in general and foreigners in particular.

This idea quickly turned into a solid reality thanks to the support of the representatives of the World Bank and the Caisse Centrale de Cooperation Economique (CCCE) that has since become the Agence Française de Development (AFD). These two institutions were the main funders of the Rwegura dam in Burundi and RUZIZI II in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and they recommended us to various multinationals involved in these major projects.

The integrated legal, administrative and logistical approach was implemented. The very difficult situation that occurred in October 1993 broke the momentum of activities that were starting to become profitable. However, the company survived by providing to numerous international NGOs that had arrived in Burundi, with the know-how acquired working with the very demanding national and international private sector.

Gradually, diplomatic missions and funding agencies became interested in our good quality services. The profile of the founder, Mr. Bonaventure NICIMPAYE, a lawyer specialized in International Relations open to the world economic, diplomatic and academic has contributed to this development.

Today INTERCONTACT SERVICES is known for its consistent policy of Efficiency, Transparency and Integrity. The company is proud to count among its customers and partners both national and multinational companies as well as prestigious international organizations in four departments:

  • Interjuris, Legal and Administrative Services - CARE, CRS, CTB, IRC, Mondial Assistance, PTA Bank and TOTAL;
  • InterHuman, Human Resources Services - Embassy of Belgium, Embassy of the Netherlands, WORLD BANK, BCB, BRB, ECOBANK, IFAD, IMF, KCB, UNDP, ROCA GOLF HOTEL, UNHCR and Trade Mark;
  • Interimmo, Real Estate Services - Embassy of the United States of America, Embassy of France, Embassy of Kenya, Embassy of the Netherlands, BANCOBU, Knigth Frank International, SOCABU, European Union;
  • InterEvents, Events Logistics - Camel Trophy, East African Community (EAC), KCB, ONATEL, France-Africa Summit.

Future prospects are promising as INTERCONTACT SERVICES is positioned to provide efficient services in line with the changing world. The recent creation of the CV Bank EUREKA, in collaboration with the media group IWACU lies within this legitimate ambition.

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